Pi Day 2015: Pi Point and Counterpoint

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Pi Day 2015 at MathTV

Pi Day 2015 at MathTVOur Pi Day celebration continues! In the first segment of this series, we covered why this year is The Pi Day of the Century. Tomorrow, at exactly 9:26:53 am (and pm!), the date and time will match the first 10 digits of pi (3.141592653), in sequential order. This only happens once every 100 years!

Yesterday, we created a video playlist at MathTV, all about pi—some fun stuff mixed in with the informative stuff too. You can find the playlist here: http://bit.ly/pi-day-videos (or just click on the screenshot).

We dug up some other great resources for you as well. For instance, this site, The Joy of Pi, offers the most comprehensive set of relevant links you will find anywhere on the Web. David Blatner, author and speaker, takes his job as Pi Evangelist very seriously. From basic information (including the history of Pi) to the curiosities and mysteries of the enigmatic number.

If you are a total Pi Geek, and that’s not enough pi for you:

And just for fun, here’s a counterpoint to all the hoopla about pi, by the inimitable Vi Hart. Ms. Hart thinks that “you deserve the truth” about pi. After all, it’s just a regular old irrational number, so she warns, “don’t let pi impress you.”

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Pat McKeaguePi Day 2015: Pi Point and Counterpoint

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