Going Against the Grain is Good for Business

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textbooks, high textbook prices, alternative models, math education, publishing industryWhat’s happened to the publishing industry? Ridiculously high prices, faster revision cycles, unnecessary bundles, and forced rolls.

Though each one of these tactics is supremely irritating to instructors, they are all just part of doing business now, right?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

These tricks solve their issues—not yours. That’s why we came up with The XYZ Promise. Stated simply:

  • No revisions for 5 years. Why? Because it’s not necessary.
  • No price increases for the life of the edition. The industry favors a 10-12% increase every year. This is just shameful.
  • No unnecessary bundles. Our $40 All-Access Pass gives students access to everything on our site.
  • No forced rolls. You alone should get to decide when you switch books.

Does your publisher offer this? They should. These are not unreasonable requests for a customer-focused company. Why not ask them?

If they won’t oblige, you can still send a message to the industry. How? Adopt an XYZ Textbook. Or a textbook from any other low-cost provider. If there’s no penalty—and no consequences—they will never change.

You get a vote in the matter. Your dollars count, and believe me—they will notice.

Our goal was to prove that you could run a successful publishing company in today’s world without all the irritating tactics. We’re proving that each day.

Can one company make a difference? Can we really change the industry? Call us idealistic, but it’s happening right here. Innovative products. Fair prices. Unlimited access. Integrity, above all.

If these things are important to you, stand with us. It’s really easy to do. Yes, we stand to benefit. But what’s good for us is good for you, too. More importantly, it’s good for your students, above all.

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Amy JacobsGoing Against the Grain is Good for Business

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